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A headless architecture gives you a ton of flexibility, but starting from scratch is a lot of effort. Also, the risk of getting things wrong in the first place is high.

I share all my experience and assets to get you the best starting point possible!

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About Manuel

I am a founder, teacher and web developer since 2008.

When I started my first startup back while still in university, I was heads down in coding. No talking to anyone, just a vision and implementation. That did not go well. Even though I secured some funding, the money ran out before even one single customer knew about my education platform.

Still, it has been exciting times, winning awards, developing, creating meaningful connections, and also learning a ton along the way.

After finally letting go of what we built, I got into freelancing. I was hyper-focused on the web development framework Meteor.js. Back then a mind blowing experience for a builder, after working with plain Javascript or using libraries like backbone.js.

During my Meteor times I managed to create a very successful blog on the topic. I started multiple Meteor Meetup Groups, got in touch with the Meteor maintainers themselves and have even written a book about it. And of course created lots of projects for myself or clients.

At some point I got the founding CTO of a startup called ShopCo. We wanted to make the checkout process seamless by allowing customers to buy on any shop with just one single ShopCo Account. An incredible technical challenge. This resulted not only in a patent but also in being acquired by Klarna for the technology and team I managed to build up.

After I helped Klarna to transition our tech and team I was ready to start my next journey. I focussed on offering services with my web development agency. Here I got caught up into headless, which became my new technical focus and passion. I am a big fan of the ever changing tech world. I never liked the idea of just fiddling around with themes in WordPress or Shopify. Instead, headless opens up the door for proper development, amazing flexibility, but also not building everything up from scratch.

With all that experience, I will now educate about headless and build assets to help others transition to or start their headless journey successfully!

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